Make Liberty Gas Accountable – Stop The Lies.

The Keene City Council’s Planning, Licenses and Development Committee voted February 13th 5-0 to deny Liberty Utility’s request to drill a fracked gas pipeline under the Hickey-Desilets Park on Winchester St. I hope the full council concurs when they meet next Thursday. Liberty representatives behavior at the meeting was reprehensible. They knowingly misled the committee … Continue reading Make Liberty Gas Accountable – Stop The Lies.

Where are our elected officials?

The stunning upset of the Northern Pass project is another example of regular people coming together to oppose what many elected representatives don't seem to be interested in opposing. There is an increasing number of examples. Citizens came together in 2016 to oppose the Kinder Morgan fracked gas pipeline and won. Over the past 18 … Continue reading Where are our elected officials?

Why Not Solarized Plastic Highways?

A recent story in our local paper reported on the environmental and safety problems posed by our current method of de-icing highways. Our public works director has come up with innovative ways to lower the danger, but the costs and pollution problems are still mounting. The solution, as I see it, won’t be found within … Continue reading Why Not Solarized Plastic Highways?