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In the early 1900’s John D. Rockefeller got together with his rich friends and they started all these medical foundations. And they took over the medical schools. And all they taught the doctors that were being trained is allopathic medicine – medicine of chemicals and poisons. And, of course, they owned all the chemical plants and what a great way to sell their products.

So, they brainwashed the public and all these doctors into believing that this was the way to go. When in reality the only thing that actually heals are empiric medicines – from plants and herbs. 

And old JD himself lived to be nearly 100 years old and wouldn’t take his own medicine. What he took was empiric medicine – from plants. But they didn’t mind selling medicines from chemicals to the rest of us, did they?

So, why don’t they just sell us empiric medicine and make a huge profit on them? Because conditions are not available to make profits at this time. So, why don’t they at least let us choose to use empiric medicine?

WalMart Welfare

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Walmart’s intentionally low wages force employees to need approximately $420,000 per year, per store, totaling $2.66 BILLION annually in food stamps and other taxpayer assistance to survive. Walmart employees receive between 25 and 40 percent of all food stamp spending at the national level.

How many of you out there are still blaming people who have to get food stamps for your problems instead of the people who are REALLY screwing you?