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Time Warner Cable has likely succeeded in bullying it’s way into a five year extension of their franchise agreement with the ratepayers of Keene.

At issue is whether Cheshire TV Channel 8 (CTV) should get a second public access channel before the current franchise agreement expires in 2018. I think they should because they provide valuable programming – much better programming than Time Warner offers us.

Time Warner is holding the second channel hostage and refuses to make concessions to the current agreement, such as:
• Better selection of tier menus (Wouldn’t you like to choose which channels to watch and which not to watch?);
• Gratis installation of digital boxes caused by technology changes beyond elderly ratepayer control (the home office offered to make a free installation to this city councilor – which I refused – while charging 99 elderly customers $29.95);
• Lower rates to reflect the decreasing number of minutes per hour of actual non-commercial programming;
• To even provide a list of ratepayer complaints to the city’s governing committee. The current agreement requires Time Warner to disclose complaints, but they argue that they are not required to write down complaints received via phone.

Time Warner once again defines what it means to be a bad corporate neighbor.

The city council may vote on the extension as soon as Thursday, March 20th at 7 pm.
I will vote no.