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4387.55a57883981dcA recent story in our local paper reported on the environmental and safety problems posed by our current method of de-icing highways. Our public works director has come up with innovative ways to lower the danger, but the costs and pollution problems are still mounting. The solution, as I see it, won’t be found within the scope of conventional methods, but rather by looking outside the box.

Currently, America’s road systems are constructed using bitumen asphalt products that are reliant upon the fossil fuel industry. De-icing technology for those roads are confined to the use of sodium or calcium chloride and sand. Yet, the same fossil fuel industry has been producing byproducts – plastics – for years that we also struggle to dispose of. Europeans have struck upon an answer that should be obvious to all of us, but isn’t considered because it’s not within our conventional scope – solarized plastic.

I suggested this at a Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee meeting of the Keene City Council last year, but was met by blank stares suggesting that I had three heads. Like when Mr. Robinson said “plastics” to young Benjamin Braddock in “The Graduate.”

“There are no sources of this material or technology,” said the public works director.

Not among the conventional industry vendors maybe, but they are all invested in the fossil fuel approach and wouldn’t make money suggesting other solutions.

Municipal leaders here must be authorized to go outside the conventional marketplace for solutions, just as European governmental bodies have done.

We operate a recycling center, as do many towns and cities around us, that produces thousands of tons of recyclable plastics. Rather than sell these raw materials to companies who manufacture ski jackets and deck planking, maybe we could seek out a company to produce the same solarized plastic highway sections produced in France. And maybe we could persuade them to produce them in Keene. Maybe on the Kingsbury property.

Having three heads may not be liability after all?

Prospect Park

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There has been much discussion about the denial of the proposal for the reuse of the Prospect Place property on Court St in Keene.

The problem as I see it is that the story has centered around the need for creating a drug rehabilitation center, and not about the proper way to do it.

There are rules involved, and the rules were not followed by the petitioner. Instead, they have misinformed the public about the process.

Meanwhile, people involved in the process discovered discrepancies and weaknesses in the petitioner’s arguments that didn’t pass scrutiny. That is why it was denied.

I believe that if a petitioner came forward and followed the rules, that this would have passed.

I hope you don’t think less of me for my efforts to protect the interests of my constituents in the Prospect St. neighborhood.