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Where are our elected officials?

Posted: February 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

nopass2The stunning upset of the Northern Pass project is another example of regular people coming together to oppose what many elected representatives don’t seem to be interested in opposing.

There is an increasing number of examples.

Citizens came together in 2016 to oppose the Kinder Morgan fracked gas pipeline and won.

Over the past 18 months as a Keene city councilor, I joined three neighborhoods that opposed high-density rezoning, a stalled residential development and a non-conforming use proposal. We won each final decision.

This year, the PUC has agreed to hear public comment on the Liberty Gas franchise in Keene because of citizen opposition to what we saw as a rushed decision.

Where are the rest of our elected officials? Who do they really represent? As an elected official myself, I am becoming more and more disheartened by the silence of my colleagues.

Citizens should not have to be so vigilant to protect what they hold dear.

Elected officials should be representing them, not the special interests who are motivated by greed.