Time to support the Democratic nominee

I’ve always thought that the greatest thing about this country is that every election cycle, millions of us stand actively for candidates who sing our particular song. We knock on doors, write letters, put up signs, donate money and march in the streets. And, we are frequently downright militant about our choices. That’s the quality we have that vets our choices and trumpets the issues we feel strongly about.

But, Democracy isn’t about always getting exactly what you want. Democracy is a coalition of ideas. Its about good governance.

My choice for President suspended his campaign today and appealed to supporters to press the presumptive nominee to adopt his priorities: healthcare for all, a livable wage, sustainable energy and universal education, et al, at the convention.

Heaven knows, the current pandemic is proving that his ideas are exactly what we need right now. But, he didn’t tell his supporters to stay home because he didn’t win. He told them that defeating the current occupant of the White House is the most pressing issue in the short term. Because, what we have now is not good governance.

In the end, good governance is my first choice. That is why I’m going to support Joe Biden with all the zeal I have shown for Bernie Sanders, and hope that you will too.


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