Get To Know Cheshire County Government

Cheshire County government is made up of several departments. The Department of Corrections is one of those departments.

Persons receiving a sentence of less than one year, or are being held awaiting a court date, serve their time in a local jail, where those receiving a sentence of one year or more serve their time in one of the four state facilities. 

The philosophy of the Cheshire County Department of Corrections is the humane treatment and rehabilitative setting providing support for any offender who seeks positive change in their life. Safety and Security is our paramount concern.

The policy of the Cheshire County Department of Corrections permits inmates to attend educational, religious and other sanctioned programs. 

• Male and Female AA Meetings
Volunteers hold weekly Alcohol Anonymous meetings for inmates.

• Church Services & Pastoral Counseling
Clergy and church volunteers from numerous religious affiliations offer organized religious services and individual and group spiritual conseling.

• Bible Study
Volunteers offer inmates various Bible studies.

• G.E.D./Educational Tutoring
Volunteers tutor inmates in writing, social studies, mathematics and science in preparation for the inmate to take the official G.E.D examination for the equivalent of a high school diploma.

• Overcomers Outreach Program
Men’s group dealing with men’s issues through a 12 step program using a Christian approach.

• Health and Wellness Program
Medical facilitator leads group discussion and answers questions on the program’s topics

• Trauma & Recovery Group for Women
Group introduces skills for managing the effects of trauma and cravings to use substances

• NA Meetings
Volunteers hold a monthly Narcotics Anonymous meetings for men

• VA Counseling
Program provides a representative from the Veterans Administration to meet with incarcerated veterans to discuss reintegration planning

• Mindfulness Meditation Program
This program teaches stress reduction techniques based on mindfulness

• Employment Opportunities Workshop
Offers techniques on how to present skills and assets when seeking employment and how to address the inmate’s criminal history with prospective employers

• Domestic Violence Support Group for Women
Volunteers from Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention meet with women requesting support

• Art Program
Provides opportunity to learn, expand and develop different art techniques and styles.

• Dog Therapy
Program with a dog and her handler that talks about the care and training of dogs.

The Cheshire County Department of Corrections also offers comprehensive MAT, including Suboxone and methadone in collaboration with Keene Metro Clinic.


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