Cheshire County “Shepherd Program”

Get to know Cheshire County government:

The Cheshire County “Shepherd Program” is a part of the Maplewood Nursing Home.

The Shepherd Program helps county residents who are in need of durable medical equipment. Established by the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department in the late 1990’s, the program recycles donations of used medical equipment. It is now run through Maplewood’s Rehab Department and is based on available inventory.

Who is eligible for the Shepherd Program?
This program is available to all residents of Cheshire County. Items are loaned free of charge on a short-term or long-term basis. The program seeks to assist county residents with equipment for visiting family or friends, and for those who are recovering at home or who have an ongoing need.

How is the Program run?
The program is run by appointment only at 399-7368. The program loans and accepts donations of durable medical equipment that are clean and in good condition, including wheelchairs, walkers, tub/shower seats, and commodes. 

How are Items made available?
Items are available on a first call/first reserve basis, and arrangements to pick up items are made by calling 399-7368. Donated and returned equipment is sanitized and stored at Maplewood, with minor repairs and adjustments as needed. An inventory of available items is maintained, and reservations are based on existing inventory and on a first call basis. Pick-up is by appointment only.

How are Donations made?
Donations are made by calling 399-7368. If you have equipment to donate, please call in advance so that we can check our existing inventory for need. Donated items must be clean and in good condition in order to be accepted into the program. Donations are logged and thank you letters sent (values are not included). Donations are by appointment only.

Who is the Shepherd Program contact person?
Please contact Sally Jenna, our Rehab Technician, at 603-399-7368. She will be happy to assist you! Sally’s hours at Maplewood are Mon-Fri: 5:30am-1:30pm.


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