Too late for publication in the Keene Sentinel

To the editor,

Apparently, the pressure upon local news outlets require that I send this letter in an alternative media. So…..I write today to endorse Lucius Parshall as the next state representative for Marlborough and Troy, and Patricia Martin to represent Rindge and Fitzwilliam.

As the next county commissioner for Keene, Marlborough and Roxbury, I will need legislators on the county delegation who don’t stonewall solutions to state downshifting, which increases local property taxes, and who wholeheartedly support measures to combat climate change and promote renewable energy systems for our homes and industries. In my view, these two measures are paramount to solving many other spin-off issues that trouble us all, and that have been given short shrift in recent years.

Life experiences mold us all and prepare us for later callings. Lucius’ career teaching children has also taught him to care about their futures. Pat is a scientist, veteran and nurse, which gives her a unique perspective that we should take advantage of and use. 

Patricia Martin and Lucius Parshall are two people who stand out in the crowd. They fit the bill. Please elect them as state representatives and members of the county delegation.

Terry M. Clark

Cheshire County Treasurer

14 Barrett Ave.

Keene, NH 03431


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